Draftstars are currently running a number of online qualifiers every week into their $750,000 AFL Star final. It’s a tremendous opportunity to win through into a big tournament where the winner will receive a whopping $200,000. That’s life changing money right there!

The best thing about these contests is that the qualifiers start from as low as just $5. That’s within the budgets of many DFS players, making AFL Star Qualifiers are a popular tournament to play on Draftstars.

Here’s a few tips and strategies to help you in the qualifiers and hopefully win your way into the $750,000 AFL Star Final.

Firstly, you need to remember that while these qualifiers are attractive to most DFS players, they are also really attractive to the DFS pros out there. The fields are generally pretty tough and there’s usually only one ticket attached to each qualifier. Simply put, they can be difficult to win. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a shot.

However as tickets are restricted to a maximum of three per player for the AFL Star Final, the pros will start to be weeded out of the qualifier fields as they win their maximum quota of tickets. That means as the season goes on, the fields actually get a little softer which also helps your chances.

Because the qualifiers are a winner-takes-all contest, you need to play to win. There’s only one ticket up for grabs, so finishing runner-up pays the same as finishing last! You have to be prepared to select a bold lineup. Don’t follow the field. Be unique. Find something different that no-one else has, and if it comes off, you’ll have a great shot at winning.

Even though it’s called the AFL Star, Draftstars also run qualifiers across a number of different sports for the Final. They run qualifiers through Golf, NRL and NBA contests. Generally these fields can be a little weaker as AFL players jump over to try and qualify in a sport they are not as familiar with. If you have a strong knowledge of these other sports, it’s a great opportunity to gain an edge to try and win through to the Final.

Remember everyone who wins through to the AFL Star Final will receive a payout. Even if you finish dead last in the Final, you’ll still get $1,000. So winning a ticket has real value.

Qualifiers are a great way to win your way into a bigger contest with huge prize money up for grabs. They are open to any and all players, and anyone can win with a bit of luck. So you really should take a shot and try to mix it up with the best in the country and maybe one day you’ll be crowned the 2023 AFL Star at Draftstars!

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Source: https://www.dailyfantasyrankings.com.au/article/dfs-strategy-tips-for-winning-afl-star-qualifiers



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