Draftstars has a massive range of contests and games to suit all budgets and abilities.

As explained in Part 1 of this series, Head-to-Head and Multiplier contests are great entry points into the world of Draftstars, but what if you want to play for a chance at a higher reward?

In the second installment of this series, we take you through the rest of the Draftstars range of contest types and offer tips to maximise your chances of winning.


These contests are among the most popular on Draftstars and offer some of the largest prize pools.

Players can enter multi-entry contests more than once with several different line-ups, with each entry costing a set entry fee.

Each separate entry is scored and ranked as part of a massive leaderboard, in which roughly the top 25% earn prize money.

The prizes for multi-entry contests are tiered – that is, the top-placed user will be paid out significantly more than the ‘lowest ranked’ prize getter.

Prize money for the top-ranked entries in a popular contest can be in the thousands, or even tens of thousands, so these contests are great for players who want to target the best jackpots while limiting their outlay.

However, multi-entry contests are also relevant for the ‘accumulators’, who look for at chance at some smaller wins.

There are many nuances to the strategies in multi-entry contests - more than we could mention in one article. However to claim the top prize you’ll need players to score well at low ownership versus the field in order to challenge for the top prizes. Unique lineups are key!

Multi-entry contests generally appear in the ‘Featured’ tab on the Draftstars website and app.


Another one for those wanting to test themselves and reach for a high reward.

Target contests are based around a target score which is designated in the Game Rules – the task is simple… match or beat the target score to win a share in the prize pool. If you’re the only one to hit the target then the entire prize pool is yours!

As you would expect, the target score is by no means easy to achieve. As such, it’s a massive achievement to make the winners list for these contests, and the potential rewards can be handsome.

If no player achieves the target score, 85% of the entry fees received are carried over to the next Target contest, creating a growing ‘Jackpot Prize Pool’.

From there, it’s a matter of rinse and repeat until the prize pool is won.

While the odds of earning a return from one of these contests can be relatively low, they perfectly suit the player who is chasing true DFS glory in the form of a huge win.

Don’t play it safe in these contests. You need to think outside the box and get creative to find a unique play that can land an extraordinary score. You’re really looking for those occurrences that the rest of your competitors are not anticipating, such as a double overtime in the NBA, or a massive bag of goals in the AFL.


Qualifier contests can include either a few or many entrants, but only the top scorer is rewarded.

Coming out on top in a Qualifier contest earns you a ticket into an exclusive Draftstars contest or event that typically offers a huge prize pool.

The AFL Live Final, Big Bash Star, NBA Star and Masters Star are all examples of the recent contests that were held exclusively for ticket winners.

These ‘final’ contests offer massive potential payouts. For example, the prize pool for the 2022 AFL Live Final was $500,000… wow!

Qualifiers usually come in two varieties – lower budget players have access to Qualifiers with low entry fees but larger entry pools, while high rollers can pay up for better odds at scoring a ticket.

Regardless, these contests aren’t for the faint-hearted as there’s usually only one ticket to be won in each Qualifier. Again, with a winner-takes-all structure, you need to be prepared to take risks to win!

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