As part of the latest update that was rolled out in November 2023, we have enhanced the ‘Create Contest’ on the platform.

Originally the payout structure was restricted to three payouts only. Winner Take All, Top 2 and Top 3. Whilst this was fine for contests that were 10 or less, this proved to be unappealing to users who wish to create contests that have 10 or more entries.

You can now create contests with the following payout structures.

  • Winner Takes All – Self-explanatory here. You win, you take the pot. We’ve added a restriction to the contest size. Contests can be created up to 20 entries in this payout format.
  • Top 3 – Place in the top 3 for a payout. We’ve added a restriction to the contest size. Contests can be created up to 20 entries in this payout format. Minimum amount for the contest size is 6 entries. If a contest does not fill, then the payout structure changes. More on this below.
  • Top 25% - This is a new feature. Just like our tournament payout structure, users can now create a contest that pays out to the top 25% of entries. This allows users to create larger field contests that pays out more users. For example, a 20-entry contest will pay out to the Top 5 entries. Top 25% is available for 4 entries through to 200 entries. Take note of the payout structure changes if a created contest does not fill in below table.
  • Top 10% - This is a new feature. We’ve also added a top 10% option for large fields but have a top-heavy payout. Top 10% is available from 20 entries onwards.  

So, what happens when your created contest does not fill?

The payout breakdown for Public and Private created contests will change if the Entry Limit is not reached. The calculation of payouts will happen when a contest goes live.

This table shows the Payout Breakdown changes based on actual entries.

Original Prize Breakdown Actual Entries New Payout Breakdown 
Winner Takes All Any Winner Takes All 
Top 3 6+ Top 3 Win 
Top 3 Top 2 Win 
Top 3 2 to 4 Winner Takes All 
Top 25% 2 to 4 Winner Takes All 
Top 25% 5 to 11 Top 2 Win 
Top 25% 12 to 15 Top 3 Win 
Top 25% 16 to 19 Top 4 Win 
Top 25% 20 to 23 Top 5 Win 
Top 25% 24 to 27 Top 6 Win 
Top 25% 28 to 31 Top 7 Win 
Top 25% 32 to 35 Top 8 Win 
Top 25% 36 to 39 Top 9 Win 
Top 25% 40 to 43 Top 10 Win 
Top 25% 44+ Top 25% of entries Win 
Top 10% 2 to 10 Winner Takes All 
Top 10% 11 to 29 Top 2 Win 
Top 10% 30 to 39 Top 3 Win 
Top 10% 40 to 49 Top 4 Win 
Top 10% 50 to 59 Top 5 Win 
Top 10% 60 to 69 Top 6 Win 
Top 10% 70 to 79 Top 7 Win 
Top 10% 80 to 89 Top 8 Win 
Top 10% 90 to 99 Top 9 Win 
Top 10% 100 to 109 Top 10 Win 
Top 10% 110+ Top 10% of entries Win 

Created contests are perfect to share with your friends or for groups. You can set them to be private or public but know you can set the right payout at the right size contest.

Creating a custom contest is easy, simply click on the Create Contest button (found in the top right corner of the lobby). Then follow the prompts to setup the contest based on the below options.

  • SPORT: Custom Contests are available for all Draftstars sports, including AFL, NRL, NBA, Cricket, Racing and plenty more!
  • SELECT SLATE: The upcoming event(s) you want to use. It can either be for a single match or a variety of matches.
  • CONTEST TYPE: Choose between taking on just one of your mates (Head-to-Head) or a group of them (Multi Players).
  • OPPONENT: Best to choose the Private option. If you choose Public, any Draftstars players can join your contest.
  • ENTRY FEE: Plenty of options for how much you want to stake on the contest from $0 up to $1,000 per entrant.
  • If Head-to-Head contest type selected - NUMBER OF CONTESTS: In case, you want to take on a few of your friends one on one.
  • If Multi Players contest type selected - CONTEST SIZE: The number of players who can join the contest.
  • PRIZE STRUCTURE: Head to Heads are always Winner Takes All, but for Multi Players there’s also the options of Top 3, Top 25% of the field or Top 10% of the field getting a payout.

Ready to have a go? To create your own contest, look for the Create Contest button in the Lobby or hit this link:



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