star tournament

40 entries only

Wednesday January 24, 2023

$50,000 prize pool

$15,000 first place


2024 Big Bash Star

  • We’re please to be bringing you another Star Tournament, this time it’s for the the 2023-24 Big Bash League.
  • For anyone who hasn’t yet entered a Star Tournament, the way it works is we’ll run Star Qualifier contests over the season and players who win first place in any of the Star Qualifier contests will receive an entry to the Star Final.
  • The prize pool for this latest Star Tournament is $50,000 with $15,000 for first place.
  • There will be a total of 40 qualifiers across the next two months from the first game of the season on Thursday 7th December 2023 at 7:15pm (AEDT).
  • The match for the Big Bash Star Final will be the BBL Final, which is scheduled to take place on 24 January 2024.
  • Please read the below FAQs prior to entering any Big Bash Star Qualifier contests.








6th - 10th


11th - 15th


16th - 30th


31st - 40th






frequently asked questions

What is a Star Qualifier Contest?

A Star Qualifier Contest is any nominated Draftstars contest for a particular sporting event where the winning prize is entry into what is called a Star Final (for that same sport). The winner of the contest is the user with the most Draftstars points at the end of the contest.

Expect as otherwise stated or modified in these Star Specific Rules, the Star Qualifier Contests and Star Final are administered and scored according to the standard Draftstars contest rules (for that sport) and will be governed by the Draftstars General Terms and Conditions, Draftstars Fantasy Sports Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. In the event of any inconsistency between the rules, these Star Specific Rules will apply to each Star Qualifier Contests and the Star Final.

When is the BBL Star Final?

The Star Finals will be held on the following dates and will be held virtually, with no physical event:

BBL Star 2024 – Wednesday 24th of January 2024

The Star Final contest will run for the BBL Final.

How do I qualify for a Star Final Event?

To qualify for a Star Final, you will need to win (i.e. come standalone 1st place) in a qualifying Star Qualifier Contest or tiebreaker and receive a qualifying entry. There is a fixed number of qualifying entries to be won across the Star Qualifier Contests.

What happens if there is tie for first place in a Star Qualifying Contest?

Only one Star qualifying entry per Star Qualifying Contest will be available. In the event of a draw for first place, all players who came in first will be entered into a tiebreaker contest.

How does a tiebreaker contest work?

Tiebreaker contests will include all users that tied for first place in the same Star Qualifying Contest. The tiebreaker contest will be for a slate specified by Draftstars in its sole discretion. Eligible users will be automatically entered into the tiebreaker contest with an auto-filled lineup. The eligible users will need to log into their account to update their team lineup before the start of the tiebreaker contest. The entry will be able to be viewed and edited in the My Upcoming Contests section of the site. If the eligible user had multiple entries in the respective Star Qualifying Contest which qualified for the tiebreaker contest, they will receive an entry for each of these in the tiebreaker. Tiebreakers will continue to be run until there is a single winner remaining. In the event that there are no Draftstars contests prior to the Star Final to hold a tiebreaker, it will be at Draftstars discretion for how Star qualifying entries will be allocated between those who tied for first place in the relevant Star Qualifier Contest. It is the responsibility of all entrants to ensure that their contact details are up to date and correct. In the event an entrant who qualifies for a tiebreaker contest cannot be contacted or does not respond to Draftstars notifications, they will be entered into the tiebreaker with the auto-filled line-up.

How many entries can I have in a Star Qualifier Contest?

See individual Star Qualifying Contests on the Draftstars platform for the maximum number of entries allowed per person in each contest.

How many tickets/entries can I have in The BBL Star Final?

Maximum of 2 Star qualifying entries can be won per user to the BBL Star Final Event. In the event that a user wins more than 2 Star Qualifier Contents, their qualifying entry will be awarded to the second place user (subject to any applicable tiebreaker). All pending entries which the user has will be cancelled and/or refunded.

What are the prizes for the BBL Star Final?

1st: $15,000
2nd: $5,000
3rd: $3,000
4th: $2,500
5th: $2,000
6th-10th: $1,500
11th-15th: $1,000
16th- 30th: $500
31st-40th: $250

What will happen if there is a tie for first place in the Star Final?

Standard contest rules apply and the prizes are shared equally between the tied teams e.g. if two players tie for first, then the prize for first place and the prize for second place will be combined and split evenly between the two players.

What happens in a match with no result?

Standard contest rules apply: no qualifying entry allocated, and entry fees will be refunded.


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